Spacing the Ages of your Children is there an Optimal Age Gap

Spacing the age or your children is really up to you and your spouse. It is what you the woman can really handle. If your patience is very short, then having your children close together will not be good for you. If you love small children and you don’t mind them being close together then I say go for it. But please realize that there is a lot to do with two small children in your life. The money and your time is a big, big, thing to consider. If you are not ready then putting them close together will make it hard for you. Having them close in age do have their ups and some downs, but what does not.

Close in age: When having them close in age it makes their bond so much stronger. They learn how to share with each other, stick up for one another, and learn how to depend on each other as well. That makes your job a little easier,because they will go through some of the same things at the same time. You will be able to set them down and share with them what is going on, especially if it is girls. A girl and a boy you will have some thing a little different. For example I have a girl which is the oldest and a boy. They are 2 yrs. apart and they get alone great. Yes, they fuse and fight,but I teach them that is not right and they must stick by each other. Teaching them that one plays with this type of toy and the other does not. That is the hard part but they will get it. I look at them growing and learning together will help them when they go to school. They will always be there for each other and that will be great.

Not close in age: If you have them to far apart they do lose some of that bond. One will be all grown up the other child left behind. Then one will get the feeling that they are the only child. Just because they did not have to share or even help each other out. But you do have the thing of where one can always teach the other, but is that a great bond. One always feeling that they do not have anyone to talk to inside of the house. That can be hard if you are a child.

So yes, it is really up to you and how you think and feel about having them close in age or far apart in age. Remember ladies that you must let your body heal. Don’t go over board and pop them out like rabbits. Take you time and let them come natural. Plus talk to your spouse and see what he thinks as well. Don’t be one sided in all of this, it is a two person job.