Space Saving Solutions for Babys Room Minimizing Clutter in Babys Room

Space saving solutions for baby’s room are essential, whether you live in a small space or would like to minimize clutter and create a more organized space in your baby’s room. It is amazing how much stuff comes with your new little human being! From toys overflowing out of closets and drawers to clothes littering every space imaginable, here are some suggestions on how to minimize the clutter and make the most of the space you have.

Hidden Storage Spaces

Utilize those unique storage areas, such as baby’s crib. There is usually a good amount of storage space underneath a crib; use this space to store clothes baby is not quite ready for yet or smaller toys. Purchase small containers to store items securely and in a neat, organized manner.

Shelving Units

Shelves can be an easy and affordable option for storing and organizing all of that baby clutter. Never hang shelving units above cribs or changing tables, however.  As baby grows, those little hands can quite easily reach the shelf and items. Also, do not store near baby due to the possibility of the shelf falling and injuring your baby.

Buy Small

Yes, you can get caught up in baby shopping mania, especially when it is your first baby! It is not always necessary to have the largest swing or bouncer. Buy the travel size; they are easy to collapse and will minimize the amount of baby gear you will need to store, giving much more storage and living space. There are even exersaucers that fold away for easy storage. Since exersaucers are a favorite play place for younger babies, yet tend to be very bulky. It is convenient to have them out of the way when baby is not using them. They may even fit beneath baby’s crib for out of sight storage.

Make the Most of Baby’s Closet

Transform even the most basic closet into a neat and organized storage space with a modular storage solution. Put shoes and clothes in a neat and organized system with this very efficient storage system. Clothes can even be arranged by day, with labels for each day of the week. Purchase bins for the top of the closet for blankets and other miscellaneous clutter.

Other Storage Ideas

Use prefabricated kitchen cabinets in place of more expensive and bulkier shelving units. Stack the cabinets from floor to ceiling for optimal use of space. This storage solution will keep little used items from becoming too cluttered looking.

Small, colorful boxes fit well on tall shelves to hide and organize smaller items like pacifiers and lotions. Simple hooks behind the bedroom door are another easy way to contain clothing clutter. Padded window seats or storage ottomans are other great places to stow away the excess clutter. Little baskets on the changing table or nightstand are excellent places to store toys and smaller items used everyday so that they are easily accessible.