Some Simple Chores that Young Children can do

Teaching kids how to do chores at home is good practice and it is also a good way of teaching them how to be responsible and clean. Imagine a society with kids who can’t do  the simplest house chores such as washing dishes or dusting their  own rooms? It would definitely be a nightmare!

Kids must be taught how to do chores as way of living which is also good for them. Parents should ways to teach their kids how to do house chores right from a tender age.

Kids will enjoy doing house chores with you if they understand why it is important for them to do chores. The following are some simple tips to help you choose chores that your kids can do at home.

 Explain to your kids the importance of doing chores

It is very important for you as a parent to help your kids understand the importance of them doing house chores. Talking to your kids about doing chores will help them appreciate the fact that doing chores is not a punishment but is part of life.

Depending on the age of your kids, your explanation might be received differently but stick to the basics.

For example, teaching a kid that cleaning their living space is normal and good for them will help the kids understand that doing house chores is something that every individual who lives in a house should do.The following are some of the many chores that your kids can do at home. Remember to choose a chore that is appropriate to your kid’s age.

Make a proper chores list for your kids

In order for you to have a proper plan of assigning chores to your kids, you should make a complete list of chores for your kids. You can make a chart for each kid and write down the chores assigned to each kid and tick it  once the chore has been completed.

 Washing the dishes

One of the simplest chores that you can give to your kids is washing of dishes after meals. Most kids usually enjoy washing dishes if they know that there will be a small reward after every small chore they do at home.

Cleaning their rooms

When a kid understands the importance of taking part in chores at home, then it will be much easier for you to teach your kids how to clean their own rooms. Kids should be given an opportunity to clean their own “private space” (their own room) as part of training them how to do chores.

Simple tasks

Depending on the age of your kids, you can assign your kids simple tasks such as watering the plants, laying the table before meals, folding the laundry, dusting, cleaning the windows, washing the family car, feeding the dog among other things.

When you are choosing the type of chores to assign to your kids remember to assign the easier tasks to the younger kids and the harder tasks to the older kids.

Cleaning the compound

You can ask your kids to rake the leaves in the compound or water the flower bed and make your kids to be part of keeping your home clean. Kids will enjoy cleaning up their compound, and you will be able to save some money on the compound maintenance bill when your kids do the cleaning.

 Washing of the family car

Most kids like it when they get to wash the family car and will enjoy this chore more than any other chore given to them. There are various chores that you can give to your kids depending on their age.

Choose chores for your kids that suit their age. It is also important that you do some chores with your kids as a way of showing the kids how to do the chores the right way and showing them your support as a parent.