Solution to Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding in Public Using Nursing Shirts

There are countless numbers of new mothers who would like to breastfeed their newborn child in public, but due to public stigma, are uncomfortable about doing so.

Instead they are forced to create schedules with almost military precision for going out to allow themselves time to get back home in a respectable time to feed their baby, before he or she becomes too distressed, which, as you can imagine can sometimes be quite challenging.

This can lead to many cancelled or postponed appointments and graciously declined invitations, as it would seem quite unimaginable for them to breastfeed in public, such are the demand of the modern day new mother. A simple solution to some of these situations would be to wear a nursing shirt, allowing them to keep their dignity and ease the pressure of having to dash home to feed their little one.

Nursing shirts enable you to breastfeed in public and preserve your dignity at the same time. There is an opening in the shirt that allows your baby to feed. Contrary to the drab clothes of yesteryear that you had to wear, shirts come in a wide range of fittings and very fashionable styling. If you want to go out with your baby and enjoy good times together without the time constraints, you should definitely consider the purchase of a couple of nursing shirts.

Take a trip to the shopping mall for maternity clothes and get the perfect ones based on your dress size and style preference. The shirts you choose may vary depending on the time of year you buy them. For example, during the warmer seasons short-sleeved shirts made from lighter material and full or 3/4 sleeved shirts made from heavier fabrics during winter season. The considerations are the same when it comes to color choice, which are usually brighter in the summer and darker in the winter, but, this is not written in stone.

When you have purchased your nursing shirts, it’s a good idea to wear them at home and practice breastfeeding your baby whilst keeping yourself concealed. You may be thinking that it is a little ridiculous to have to, practice, at home, but the art of breastfeeding using a nursing shirt is not as straight forward as it sounds, but with a little practice, you will quickly learn the correct technique. Your baby will also become accustomed to it.

When you are out and about feeding your baby other people will barely notice you are breastfeeding your child in public, such is the practicality of using nursing shirts.

You should never feel, embarrassed, or out of place, doing what every mother does, and that is to give the best care they can for their new son or daughter.