Snow day activities for kids

There is a sense of elation when kids hear the words ‘snow day.’ Kids look forward to snow day because it means great fun. Unfortunately, this can be a nightmare for parents and guardians who are already busy with work and other daily tasks especially if there is no action plan for this day. Kids have an enormous amount of energy that needs to be used up with certain activities; otherwise, they become bored. This pent up energy unused can lead to fighting with their siblings and other mischiefs.

It is fundamental that parents be prepared when it comes to snow day activities with kids in winter. If it is wonderful day on the outskirts devoid of freezing rain and ice, it would be an excellent idea for the kids to be indulged with sledding with proper supervision. Every kid enjoys making snow balls and tossing them with one another. Let’s not forget about dear ‘Mr. Snowman.’ You could have the kids add a colorful tam on his head along with a scarf. Who can forget the making of the snow angel? Kids still get a ‘kick’ out of creating their own angel.

Of course, there is going be a day of freezing rain and/or ice. A day like this is best spent indoors. Take the pressure and stress off you by creating that special experience for your kids. You do this by making ample room for them to romp and feel free. Take time to adjust furniture and move delicate pieces out of their reach. Some of the snow day indoor activities you can have them participate in are:


Nowadays, the art of crafting with kids have grown tremendously. Designate an appropriate area within the home and pull out the different apparatus and allow your kids to explore their imagination. Maybe, you could have them make cards with winter as the theme.

Bake cookies

This is the perfect time to get them involved in baking their favorite cookies. You could have each kid do their part by mixing the dough, adding chocolate chips, etc. The smell will permeate the house and spread great cheers to your kids. This is a great time to hang out in the kitchen and indulge in a hot cup of cocoa or chocolate. Make sure to add whipping cream so as to make their own milk mustache.

Fashion show

Have your precious ones raid their closets and collect scarves, boots, hats, mittens, etc. Organize a winter fashion show and use your digital camera to capture the special moments walking down the ‘runway.’


Select a very interesting and intriguing book that is loaded with drama and mystery. Do make this session as dramatic as possible. Have your kids act out each character’s parts. Or, you all could cuddle by the fireplace and each family member tell their favorite story while you sip on hot chocolate.

These fun activities can be a good way to keep the kids busy during the winter months. Make your own fun and enjoy spending time together.