Snacks for when out with Toddlers

Children often need snacks between meals throughout the day to maintain their energy levels and quell hunger pangs. If you are at home with your child then fulfilling their needs is simple. However, if you are out with your child for the day then it can be more difficult to fee them snacks if you are unprepared. This can lead to the unnecessary expense of buying foods while you are out. It is much simpler to be prepared and take some snacks with you for while you are on your travels. Here are some on-the-go snack ideas for toddlers.


One of the easiest snack ideas for a toddler is fruit. This is easy to pack and if you take whole pieces of fruit it will require no preparation. If your child struggles with whole pieces of fruit then simply prepare a small tub of chopped fruit. Choose a selection of their favorites to create a small fruit salad. An alternative to fresh fruit is dried fruit, such as banana slices, apricots or raisins.

Raw vegetables

Vegetables are another perfect option and crudite style raw vegetables will not spoil while you are out for the day. Any of their favorite salad or root vegetables is fine, or choose a selection to add a little variety. Raw vegetables are also a good choice in terms of health as they are packed with nutrients, do not contain fat, sugar or artificial preservatives and will not damage your child’s teeth.


A popular, simple and cheap choice is sandwiches. These are great finger food for a toddler and are quick to make. Furthermore, sandwiches are a good option if you have a limited budget and you can choose from any filling your toddler enjoys. Packing sandwiches in a plastic container will prevent them from getting squashed while you are out. Another tip is to choose fillings that cause less mess, such as sliced cheese or meat.

Prepared snacks

There are many snacks that are aimed at toddlers available from the superstore. Just because they are in a packet doesn’t necessarily mean that they are unhealthy. Snacks such as oatcakes, rice cakes, fruit slices and baked vegetable crisps are all snacks that your toddler may enjoy. One advantage of snacks such as these is that they can be bought in advance and stored. A further benefit is that they are easy to take out with you as the packaging ensures that you won’t have leaks or spills. However, it is best to read the nutritional information on the packaging of such products to make sure that you are not buying items that are high in sugar and artificial preservatives.


If you are out and about with your toddler for the day then they will no doubt become hungry at some point and need a snack. Be prepared by taking a snack with you, thus avoiding the expense of buying snacks while you are out. Good choices for on-the-go snacks for toddlers include fruit, raw vegetables, sandwiches and prepared snacks.