Sleep saving tips for new moms

Becoming a new mom is a wonderful experience, as well as being demanding and exhausting. Newborns require a lot of time and attention, and there are many new skills to learn along the way. Parenting can be a little overwhelming at first, and it can be difficult to find time to get a good sleep to feel rejuvenated. Sleep is vital, to ensure that good health is maintained to look after baby.

How moms can get good sleep:

Share the night time feeds

For the first few weeks baby will wake for night feeds, which can be quite demanding every night. However, to take the strain off a little and get more needed sleep, take it in turns to get up to do the night feeds. Loved ones will be willing to help, and share the responsibility. This will allow for more sleep, as only one person needs to be awake to feed. Getting a full night’s sleep can do the world of good. Sleep boosts energy, leaving you feeling bright and refreshed ready for the day ahead.

Take a nap

Newborns sleep a lot during daytime hours. Good organization allows more time for resting. During the day take a well-earned nap to compensate for lost sleep. Ensure not to nap for too long, or too close to bedtime, as this will interfere with sleeping patterns, and reduce the likelihood of nodding off easily at bedtime. A short thirty minute power nap during the day while baby is sleeping allows you to catch up on sleep, giving much needed rest to complete the day.

Self soothing

New moms can be a little over-nurturing, which is understandable; however, don’t be tempted to rush to baby every time he or she stirs. Baby may seem restless; however, there is no need to tend to him or her, unless there is a problem causing baby to be fidgety. This also applies to when he or she cries, as it is acceptable to allow baby to cry for short periods of time. Rushing to his or her every whim, can actually make baby rely on assistance to settle to sleep. Therefore it is advisable to allow baby the opportunity to settle independently, as this will ensure more sleep for mom.

The importance of a schedule

Establishing a routine early on will make all the difference, as it helps baby to adjust to the world. In addition, a schedule makes good use of time, allowing for more time to relax, and less time being flustered. A routine helps keep Mom and baby relaxed and at ease, and activities will progress naturally, giving a sense of security. This will ensure that both baby and Mom are able to relax and easily drift off to sleep, as there will be less stress if there is structure to the day, and less to worry about.

Sleep advice

Despite the fact that exhaustion is prevalent, parenthood and healing from childbirth can leave Mom feeling unable to switch off and fall asleep easily, which can be frustrating, though quite common. A few simple strategies can be employed to help ease you into a gentle slumber to get some much needed sleep. Firstly, avoid eating late in the evening, as the body needs time to digest the food, which will interrupt sleep. Avoid stressful activities in the evening, try to keep activity low key and calm to aid in relaxing the mind. Make the sleeping environment peaceful and relaxing, as this will help to keep a clear mind for sleeping.

Sleep is vital for health and well-being. Sleep deprivation can lead to poor health, as well as mental and physical exhaustion. These five sleep saving tips will ensure new moms will get some all-important much needed sleep to be able to cope with parenthood and all the challenges it brings, and more energy to appreciate that precious bundle of joy.