Skin care tips for pregnant women

It is important to practice good skin care tips from the start of pregnancy to prepare the skin for the changes that are ahead. The skin is put under pressure during pregnancy, as it has to stretch to accommodate a new baby. Good skin care techniques should be practiced during pregnancy to protect and care for the skin to keep it in good condition, and to keep it feeling comfortable as it stretches.

Here are some pregnancy skin care tips:

Hygiene tips

The skin is more prone to becoming dry and irritated during pregnancy, as many changes are taking place. A few changes can be made to keep skin remaining comfortable and cared for. Hygiene products may need to be changed for products that are mild and gentle. Natural skin care products are kind to the skin, as they contain no chemicals. Alternatively, look for products that are mild and hypo-allergenic. Turn down the thermostat to wash in warm water, rather than hot, as this is better for the skin and body during pregnancy.

Pregnancy diet tips

Good skin comes from within. Everything that is consumed makes a difference to overall health and appearance of your skin. Following a healthy diet that is nutrient-rich is beneficial for general health and well-being for mum-to-be and baby. In addition, it is essential to stay hydrated by consuming plenty of water. Drinking eight glasses of water a day helps to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. Water can be made more appealing with a drop of high fruit juice, or a wedge of lemon, which is also good for morning sickness.

Moisturizing during pregnancy

A good quality all over body moisturizer that is safe to use during pregnancy is a must-have to keep skin soft and supple. There are many different moisturizers on the market that are aimed at pregnant woman that contain nourishing ingredients. These are generally affordable and they care for the skin during pregnancy and beyond. However, a regular body moisturizer is also effective at keeping the skin moisturized. Whichever skin care product is selected, ensure that it is safe and that it causes no irritations. Regularly moisturize to keep the skin from becoming dry and itchy as it stretches.

Dress for comfort

As the skin is stretched and becomes tighter it can become uncomfortable at times. It is important to dress comfortable to stay at a healthy temperature in clothes that feel good against the skin. Opt for cotton clothing that is breathable and soft against the skin. Other materials may cause irritation or discomfort. Pregnancy clothes offer support, particularly around the bump which can help to take the pressure off. Having a layer of clothing against the bump provides support which can help to alleviate discomfort and skin irritation.

During pregnancy a change in lifestyle and a more relaxed pace is needed. Extra care needs to be taken to feel well and look good. The skin needs to be cared for to keep it feeling comfortable and to allow it to stretch with minimal irritation. Following the guidelines above can help keep skin in good condition throughout pregnancy, allowing this time to be as enjoyable as possible.