Single Parents what to do when you can’t Make Ends Meet

Now that you are a single parent, you are going to faced be with the nearly impossible task of living on less money. Even if you work two jobs you are still going to have a hard time stretching your finances. Before you lose your mind, sit down with a cup of your favorite brew and a notebook.

Use your notebook and your phone. If you have a computer, that is even better, find out if there is an info-line (211) service in your area; by looking in the front pages of your phone book. If there is not such a service, then have to look in the blue pages. There is also a section on ( agencies). Agencies are a great resource and you can call each one and get leads to services that you might not know about. Call each one and gather as much information as you can, list your referrals by topic, and get contact information and names of people as much as possible. The idea is; to create your own resource notebook for use in an emergency. Your town’s community center is also a good place to start. One agency that offer one -time rental assistance is…. www.

Now, did you know that you may be able to send your child to a private school? Many private schools will offer scholarships to needy students, this way, they get government funding. If you can get your kids into private ( or at least magnet school, ) they will be able to wear uniforms and you may even get those for free.

Next call your labor department. If you are underemployed, or lack skills, you can get into a displaced worker’s program. The program will pay for your college tuition, day care, and even help you buy or maintain a car.

Organize and simplify your life; You will save hundreds of dollars by buying whole cuts of meats and preparing your meals ahead of time. Don’t buy processed foods. Rather, buy the whole turkey or roast and put your precooked meals into zip-lock bags and store in the freezer. Make your kid’s lunches. Using an extra large crock-pot will give you delicious meals with plenty of leftovers. Use oatmeal and not bread crumbs to stretch grounds meats .Make meatballs with gravy in a baking pan, chicken, turkey, beef, or pork. Store these, in bags in your freezer, and you will have a quick meal. Use your town’s food bank at holiday time, sign up for the baskets they give.

At the risk of sounding “archaic,” cloth diapers are better than plastic diapers, and much cheaper. Cloth diapers don’t pollute the environment and are better for your child’s skin. Just keep a diaper pail with bleach and Dreft in it, and wash a load daily. You can still use the plastic diapers for outings. Make friends with other single parents and re-cycle your kid’s clothes with them.

Try taking the bus or train, to work. You will save on gas and have some quite time to your self. You will be able to watch the seasons change and make friends too. Let someone else deal with the stress of traffic and know that; no matter how difficult things are, they will get better.