Single Parents Tips for Finding Time to Exercise

Being a single parent any household can be a unbearable challenge and oddly overwhelming. Your days are not your own most days your up early if you are full-time working single parent.Then you are home again trying to prepare for the same routine for the following day. Since your the only parent/adult in the household the major day to day responsibility belong to you. You get the kids prepared to get dressed for school or daycare they must brush there teeth wash their face. You make sure the clothes are laid out but depending on the age they can’t even finish these tasks themselves. So now you have to dress them make sure their teeth are brushed and faces are washed. Once you have done that you head back to your own room to get your self dressed. Now that you are dressed you and the kids grab everything you need for the day so once it’s time to head out the door you don’t have to run back to grab it. Everyone goes into the kitchen to grab a bite to eat, now it’s time to leave and you are totally frustrated before the day even starts. You get the kids off to school and get yourself to work. You are down before you are even up by the time you get to work and now you must accommodate the job atmosphere.
The day is finally over at work, you must pick up the kids if there are no school activities the kids are to attend this day you go home. Their is dinner to prepare the kids have home work that must be completed and they need help. Once all of this is done it’s time to prepare for bed, tomorrow is coming it’s late and now you are to tired to do anything. You haven’t even pulled out the kids clothes for the next day and you got to finish the dishes from dinner. You walk into the living and look at that cozy lazy boy chair then you look down at the growing pug at the bottom of your abdomen and you think exercise. But instead you throw up your hand and say aloud to know one in particular “when do I have the time.” You still have task to complete and it’s bedtime. Who would have thought that being a single mother could be so much of a challenge. The only thing that is keeping your sanity is the absolute without a doubt is the love for your kids. Not to mention the reward you know that will come sooner than you may think like graduation, college and a better life for your now grown kids. Being a single parent was all worth it.