Single parents need to take a break for self-care

Single parents sometimes feel like they’re on a treadmill or worse; they may feel like the hamster running around the wheel at top speed with no stop sign. While taking care of the family, it’s important to remember that you are a pivotal member of the family. You are the adhesive that holds the family together and your self-care is vital to preserving the family.

It’s easy to allow constraints to prevent you single parents from taking a break from the overburdened tasks of care giving, work, household, requirements, and finances. In this situation, however, the question we should ask is, “who will care for my family if I don’t take care of myself and fall ill?” That should provide ample motivation to take care of you.

Emotional health is more important than many single parents believe. While you don’t have time to reflect upon your needs though out your day, it’s important to take time to assess your feelings. Your emotions are a kind of an anchor that tells you how you’re coping with the demands that are coming at you from all directions.

Single parenting can be overwhelming when we’re the primary everything for our family and stress is a killer reaching your nerves and affecting your physical heart condition. You may still be grieving the break up of your family and you need time to grieve to put it to rest. Taking half an hour before bedtime to reflect on your own feelings is healthy.

At least once a week, treat yourself to something inexpensive. Women find a warm bubble bath relaxing and it doesn’t cost much to enjoy. Studies show that music can calm you and lower your heart rate. This method of relaxation can work for insomnia, stress, and pure music enjoyment. The cost of a music CD is small when you receive benefits that help you cope with stress.

Many people also find meditation and yoga beneficial for slowing the pace and relaxing.

Physical demands and the constant “on the go” symptoms would appear to provide all the exercise we need, but often we complement that lifestyle by eating fast food on the run. The truth; on the run exercise doesn’t provide the healthy type of exercise we require. Structured exercise for cardio health and muscle stretching does more to ease the tension and promote health.

Exercise provides the further benefits of releasing endorphins a chemical brain messenger that puts us in a “feel good” mood. Certain foods also provide those same benefits. Dark chocolate is an up and coming food that provides anti-oxidants along with the release of serotonin and endorphins. Sometimes life makes sense and tastes great too.

Finances are a constant battle and many single parents feel like it’s a losing battle. Our economic position dictates our quality of life on many levels. Help is available if you take the time to seek it out and find it. Budget trimming, resources for schooling, (yours and the children) and other practical help can be found in your community.

Support is vital for single parents. Support groups rule because they have members who are experiencing the same problems. If you have no nearby relatives to help with childcare, consider a support group that provides childcare. If none provides childcare, considers starting a childcare organization to support the group with rotating duties for members.

If your finances allow, treat yourself to a massage or a day at the spa. For one day you’ll feel like a pampered royal and rejuvenated sufficiently to carry you through the next round of single parent problem solving.

Research topics on the Internet to find more helpful tips on how to take care of you because your family needs you. You might be surprised at the many things you can do that fit your budget. Whatever you do, get support through friendships and organizations. Keep in mind, it’s more difficult to break a bundle of twigs than it is to break one.