Single Fatherhood Guide to Raising 2 Children on your own

There are many single fathers that are raising their children on their own.  Single dads can provide the same love, nurturing, and care as any loving mother.  Yes, fathers are stepping up and embracing the responsibility.  And just like any new mother, especially teen moms, dads go through a learning and adjusting process.  Any parent can benefit from a little help.  Single fathers, here is a guide to raising children on your own.

Time Management – As a parent that is raising children alone it is very helpful to be organized, and having a schedule can be a great help.  Plan each day according to priorities.  The basics of maintaining a household and raising kids include; work, daycare and school schedules, meals, bedtime, laundry, shopping, paying bills, and household chores.  Plan ahead, but be flexible if needed.

Learn Self-Control and Patience – This is valuable because parenting can be stressful.  Things will go wrong, children will get colds, appliances will break, and remaining clam allows you to handle any situation effectively.  Exercising patience and self-control takes practice, but in no time it will become a habit.  Stress can be very unhealthy.  

Get Parenting Advice – Never hesitate to ask questions, talk to your parents, grandparents, other parents, teachers and most importantly your child’s doctor.  For example, if you never potty trained a toddler don’t be afraid to ask someone who has.  Take some parenting classes, and use the Internet if you have access to learn as much as possible.  Take advantage of the wealth of information and resources available, women do this and so should dads.

A Few Helpful Tips:

Plan your meals ahead of time – get a cook book or two if you need help learning to cook different meals and snacks.

Set a time for bed, bathing, homework, daily chores and family activities.

Don’t let laundry build up, wash, dry, fold and iron so you and the kids always have what you need.  Let the children help pick out their cloths for the next day so you are prepared.

Clean dishes and put away after meals.  Sweep the floor after dinner.

Pick a day of the week to do deep cleaning; the bathrooms, oven, vacuuming, changing linen, washing floors, etc.

Keep your bills organized, and always keep a shopping list.  Plan for the unexpected.

Children have accidents so keep band-aids, peroxide, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, and other supplies handy for minor emergencies.

Have a list of important phone numbers and emergency numbers available and accessible.  If the kids are old enough put this list on the fridge or a cork board near the phone.  Teach children how to use this list, and how to use 911.

Enjoy raising your children it is an opportunity to bond with them, teach them values and prepare them to enter the world as responsible adults.  Yes, parenting can be challenging, but it is the most rewarding experience in life.  The only difference between being a single mother and single fatherhood is anatomy.  Love, compassion, and selflessness come from the heart; everything else can be learned.