Simple Ways Mothers can Make Children Feel Loved

Loving your child is your motherly duty from the moment you give birth. As much as this responsibility seems easy enough for some mothers it can be a bit challenging. The love you provide for your child will ensure they develop into a happy and productive adults. While some children may seem content with hearing the words I love you, deep down they need to not only hear but see your love for them through your actions.

Expressing love to your child entails much more than just simply loving gestures of hugs and kisses. following through on your promises, showing motherly “tough love” by setting rules and examples, and by providing a routine for your child to follow.  This article will cover simple ways to continuously show your child the love and affection they crave so that they know in their heart that their mother’s love is truly concrete.

Simple ways to make your child feel loved.

A lot of times as a mother your routine can get so hectic that you can’t help but to get caught in the daily routine and forget to say or do something that shows your child love. At least once a day make time to give your child a hug and say I love you. Saying I love you, giving hugs and quick kisses are all great ways to show your child affectionate love. Even just fitting in one hug a day is extremely important to your child’s overall feelings. This may seem so obvious but is so often forgotten. When was the last time you sat down with your child and said “do you know how much you are loved by me?” Again with hectic schedules and demanding priorities it’s common to assume your child knows how you feel even though you haven’t actually expressed your feeling. There are just as many adults as there are children that feel love through the act of touching. Just think when you’re having a bad day or say you were reprimanded by your boss, a hug from someone close to can make things better. That one signal is from your child is waiting for reassurance of.  Putting your arm around your child or giving hugs is the simple way to convey this message.

Have a night time routine. Tucking your child in at night with a kiss and “I love you” is such a simple task yet it is imperative to a child mental stability. Understandably most children begin to resist bedtime however even though they won’t admit they look forward to this one on one time and being your focus for the moment before they fall asleep. Have a special shake or sign language that is only understood by you and your child.  Holding up your thumb, pointer finger and pinky finger to sign I love you across the playground or classroom signifies your love and makes your child feel noticed by you.  One day a week or on the weekend, ask your child if they would like a magic foot, back, or shoulder massage. While giving your child a massage explain that it is magic because it is from you. Convey the message that you will always be there for them because of how much you love them and help them take on the world.