Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Every woman is different when it comes to pregnancy symptoms. Some pregnant women may have an early pregnancy sign, while others may have signs of pregnancy. f you haven’t been pregnant before knowing what to look for can be a challenge. For many that have had children it is as if by instinct that they know they are pregnant.

Some women want to be pregnant so badly that they’ll find out what to look for and end up mistaking a stomach ache for morning sickness and mistaking other things that really are nothing..

Other women pass symptoms by as just being the flu or something common and not to worry about. Most women don’t even find out they are pregnant until they miss their period and they are already a month into the pregnancy. Here are the most common early pregnancy symptoms and signs that indicate you are pregnant.

If you have one or more or even all of these symptoms you are most likely pregnant, be sure to take an at home pregnancy test or consult with your physician.

No period

One of the most common ways to know you are pregnant is when your period is three days late. If you have just gotten off birth control pills and your period is late wait at least a week before you take a home pregnancy test.

Frequent urination

When you feel yourself having to go to the bathroom more and more each day that is a good sign that you are pregnant.

Morning sickness

Many pregnant women get nausea but one thing to remember is each pregnancy is different and each woman’s pregnancy is different. One woman might have morning sickness at the beginning of the pregnancy while another might have it at the end of their pregnancy and another may not have it at all. It all really varies from woman to woman.

Morning sickness really confuses women because it doesn’t necessarily happen in the morning. You could go all day and feel fine then just before you go to bed you may begin to feel sick, or you may feel sick in the middle of the afternoon.

You will have no trouble identifying morning sickness. You will feel sick at the sight, smell and even thought of food. It feels like you have a stomach bug.

Breast tenderness

Another common sign of pregnancy is breast tenderness. Your breasts will start feeling sensitive and tingly. You may also notice that the pinkish skin around your nipple (the areola), is starting to turn dark. At this time you may be able to see blue veins and bumps around this area. This is common during a pregnancy. (This is also common when you are having a period or you are due. Be sure not to mistake the two).


Fatigue is often one of the first signs that you are pregnant. You will feel more tired than usual feeling like you aren’t getting enough sleep and tire easily finding every day chores a battle.

Emotional changes

Emotional changes may occur because at the time. Your hormones are shifting in order  to keep up with both your body’s needs and your baby’s need for growth. At this time your feelings will be sensitive and easily touchy. One morning you may wake up feeling on top of the world and within half an hour you may break into tears for almost no reason at all. That is very normal and emotional outbursts like that are very good because they relieve the pressure of stress. Don’t be surprised if one minute you’re just fine and the next minute you want to scream at someone for some odd reason or just cry.


Everyone craves food once in a while. When you are pregnant cravings will happen more often. You will probably want to eat some kind of food that you don’t even like and even want strange combinations ; chocolate sandwich (don’t worry once the baby is born your eating habits will return to normal). It is not only food that you may crave but other things like smells such as detergents, herbs etc.

After viewing all of the many pregnancy signs, what do you think? Do these symptoms mean you’re pregnant? With so many signs of pregnancy, knowing what is a real pregnancy sign can be confusing with the flue or even a virus! Talk with your OB or medical professional and have a pregnancy test done to confirm your pregnancy signs!