Signs and remedies for children’s nightmares

Toddlers sometimes can not say they had a nightmare so you have to vigilant for the signs. It may not be a nightmare that awakens the child, sometimes they are ill or uncomfortable and sometimes they do not understand how to soothe themselves.

Signs that your baby had a nightmare are clinginess, scared, crying and trouble relaxing into sleep again.  These nightmares happen most often during the second half of the night.

Scary movies and upsetting tv shows are what cause children to have nightmares most frequently. It is important to have soothing comfort items around to help your child ease himself back to sleep like stuffed animals or books or music.

Children at a young age need nightlights because total darkness can cause more nightmares. Sometimes talking after the child has a nightmare can calm them down.

A peaceful bedtime routine goes a long way at preventing nightmares. Make sure you give your child a nice warm bath, read him a story, massage him, sing to him and tuck him every night. This comforting action helps to restore peace and safety to his mind and prevent nightmares. The air of the childs bedroom needs to be a comfortable temperature too. Make sure there is enough light but not too much brightness as to disturb his sleep. Continual nightmares may signal a need to see a doctor because of daytime stress.

When toddlers have a nightmare then you must comfort them with hugs and kisses and sing to them and verbally reassure them that everything is alright.

Showing your toddler that there are no monsters in the closet and keeping a dim light on might help as well. It is important to let the child be independent and not  spend long periods in your bed being comforted to sleep. Let him come in for a few minutes then quickly return him to his bed to let him know it is safe there too.

Getting into a habit of rocking your child to sleep and sleeping beside them when they are toddlers will make it more difficult for the child to soothe himself to sleep as he gets older. Many mothers have tried to overprotect their children and spend countless hours comforting them thinking this will help them but it only delays their learning to be an independent child. So follow this well tried advice in this article and soon your child will be able to independently overcome any nightmare.