Sibling Bullying Leads to Depression and Anxiety in Kids

Depression and anxiety are two psychological disorders that are commonly seen among young children. Most of the psychological disorders are results of several factors. Most of them have a genetic component and an environmental component. In order to prevent these disorders, the etiological factors should be removed. Medical technology is not developed enough to remove the genetic component from the people’s lives, but people can remove the environmental components of etiological factors from a person’s life in order to prevent a certain psychological disorder.

Usually the environmental factors that give rise to a psychological disorder are stressful situations or tragedies. Sibling bullying is identified as one such stressful situation in a child’s life that can give rise to depression and anxiety in kids. Depression and anxiety are two different psychological disorders that can have the same etiological factors. Depression is characterized by several symptoms. The child usually looses interest in happy situations and tends to have low self esteem. They start showing altered appetite, loss of energy and loss of sleep. Anxiety is a psychological disorder where the child’s sympathetic nervous system becomes over activated during a certain situation that doesn’t provoke anxiety in normal person.

Many people think that sibling bullying is a normal part of being in a family. Many thought that it is normal and OK to be bullied by siblings until recently. A new study has found out that it can cause anxiety and depression in kids. This is found through a research done among 3600 kids in United States. Though the results of the research have found out that sibling bullying leads to poor mental health, they couldn’t find out how long the effects will last, because the research was not designed to follow up the subjects. Still the researchers point out that there is a link between the two.

The research also didn’t include other factors that could have influenced the child mental status at the time of the survey. For example, they have not collected data regarding parental reaction during the incidence. Even though the study has its limitations, it still indicates that sibling bullying leads to depression and anxiety in children. These findings show that psychological stress has major negative effects on a child’s life regardless of circumstances of the situation.

So far, people paid more attention towards child abuse and school bullying. Bullying among siblings was not taken seriously because it was considered normal. With the findings of this new research, the way the people think should change. Every person in this world has the right to live in peace. Aggression should be taken seriously regardless of the circumstance.

Children are the ones who are going to take over the world in the future. Therefore, they should be both physical and mentally fit to make the world a better place. So, it is the duty of each and every person to make sure the safety of the children. Studies like this helps to identify the threats against the well-being of children. Identification and prevention of these threats will help to create a better person in the future.