Should Young Girls under the Age of 14 become Sexy Models – No

Young girls under the age of 14 should only have very young boys to appeal to. Who else are these young girls appealing to? Models are usually advertising a product or service to purchase. I don’t see the connection with being sexy and a Happy meal from MC Donald’s or the latest  cell phone or computer . Yes, these gadgets do attract young boys. More than likely, these young boys don’t have enough funds, from their allowance to buy a cell phone and the last I heard , you have to be eighteen years old to enter into any contractual agreement. Exploiting, young girls is scandalous and advertisers should never exploit young  girls to sell their goods.

This mode of operation leads me to believe, they are catering to a pornographic, pedophilia type of  person who would view a child in such a manner.  A child should never be viewed in a sexual manner. They should never wear sexually suggestive clothing or engage in sexual gyrations, in their dance routines, imitating much older, seductive  women.

We all know sex sales. We must draw the line and forbid this type of advertisement to appear in the pages of our magazines and on television.

Parents must take responsibility for this scandalous act and never allow their young child to enter into any type of agreement that would jeopardize the character of their child  and eventually do a lot more harm than good. Perhaps these parents are seduced by the money and fame Then it must be leftt up to the talent scouts or agents not to represent a child, this young in that manner.

Their is enough shame to go around,. Shame on the parents or guardians that choose to pimp their own children. Shame on these agents. Shame on the companies that choose to showcase children in this light to sell their products. Last but not least, shame on the public for condoning and buying these products. Can we all take a stand and boycott the companies that would exploit children in this manner..

The child is taught at a very young age, their value is in how they look and carry themselves, resembling a a woman who does not value herself, is indeed setting up that child for failure.  They will soon learn, a new flavor comes along quite rapidly and they will no longer be the flavor of the month.  This lesson borders on mental abuse for a young girl.  Without a doubt, it should be against the laws.