Should you take Anti Nausea Drugs during Pregnancy – No

Most moms-to-be are already aware of the herbal and homeopathic methods for reducing that dreaded “morning” sickness. Some say a high doseage of vitamin B-6 will do the trick while others swear it’s ginger. Which can be in ginger ale, ginger candies, or even by gnawing on the good old root itself. Still more will inform you of the pressure point wrist bands that are designed for morning sickness. The list goes on and on. When these remedies have all failed you what option are you left with? By this point you may be thinking there may be nothing more to turn to than prescription medication.

This is precisely what I did. My doctor gave me an anti-nausea prescription that I was to take every six hours as needed. The immense downside to the medication I was given was that it made me so rediculously drowsy that I couldn’t pin my eyeids open or even drag myself off the couch. This did not sit well with my three year old who demands constant attention and care, obviously. I couldn’t even make dinner or do the laundry. Needless to say I wasn’t even aware if the prescription had done it’s job or not since I was so zonked out all day long. I couldn’t stand that zombie like feeling, and my days were just being needlessly slept away.

Though you may find that the particular medication you are given does not affect you in this way, what it all boils down to is that I did not like the side effects of these drugs. After only a few days of trying to down the pills I couldn’t stomach the idea of what unknown actions they might be taking on my body as well as my baby, even though I was assured they were safe. You never quite know what down the road could come of it. I decided to err on the side of caution. As uncomfortable as the persistant “all-day” sickness was I knew I just had to tough it out…just as millions of women have done for millions of years. No one says pregnancy is easy. Infact most things that are wonderful don’t come without a little compromise from somewhere. In the end you will have suffered through it for a great cause and you can be secure in knowing that you made the healthiest of choices. Not only for yourself, but for your new little one as well.