Should you let Children Sip your Beer Wine or other Alcoholic Drinks

This is a very serious question? There would definitely be two lobbies of parents who strongly believe in their choice. When a child below 12 yrs of age asks you permission to have a sip, what do you do?You have obviously two options.

The first being you say “ooh sure Tom, just take a small sip or two , after a couple of years you will be able to do what we are doing isn’t it? ” Tom enjoys that first little sip, but then starts the roller coaster of problems. He asks you for a little sip from your wine the next day, and beer the day after that..
Then you realize something has to be done , and you tell him why it is not good for him. Get ready for that inevitable question “OK , if it was bad why did YOU let me have a sip in the first place?” Now that’s the question that corners you, and you doubt your previous judgment.

The other option you have is to distract him to the table just across the room where fizzy drinks are kept. And if you happen to be a parent who does not include fizzy drinks in their shopping list, then have no doubt, your child would rush to help himself. But sometimes we get fooled by our own naivety , for if they are very stubborn to have a sip, they WILL manage it somehow. But in that case you atleast have a moral ground to tell him the right and wrong.
There is one another scenario which I wish to believe doesn’t happen too often. Its when a parent offers the child to have a sip, and the child is apprehensive about the whole thing. Let me believe that DOESNOT happen, because as responsible adults that sort of behaviour is not expected from any parent.
This is hardly the same as taking your son for the first fishing trip or his first soccer match.
Somethings are better when you stick to the rules. You can tell your children , that social drinking is acceptable only after they reach their maturity, the time when they know to be responsible and accountable for their actions, at the same time enjoy the cup of drink sensibly.
If only all parents understood the actual price they pay for teaching their children the culture of drinking ,we would have healthier and happier young people. Nobody wants a society of binge drinkers, do we?