Should you have an Epidural or Natural Childbirth – Natural

Some women often debate whether they should have their baby naturally or get an epidural. Women have been giving birth since man was created. God designed a woman’s body to bring another miracle into this world. Years ago, woman did not have a choice to get an epidural. Even if they didn’t want the pain, they had no choice. Today we have it easy. If we’re scared of the pain, don’t want the pain for any reason at all, we have the choice of getting an epidural.

I don’t think it’s fair that woman years ago did not have a choice to get an epidural, and now today we have choice. It doesn’t seem fair that those women went through the pain to bring a miracle into this world, and we get to cheat and not go through the pain that they all went through. Life isn’t about taking the easy way out, and I don’t believe we should take the easy way out of childbirth. All the pain is worth bringing your beautiful miracle into this world.

Although some women may think that the pain of having a child is unbearable. They are wrong. When you want to bring another life into this world, the pain is the least of your worries. You worry about whether or not your child is going to be healthy, if your child is going to have a defect, what could go wrong, basically what is going to happen while you are in labor. A woman with a heart would worry about the things I have just mentioned, and not worry about how much pain you’re going to be in those few hours you’ll be in labor. I know I wasn’t.

I was going through an abnormal pregnancy. A lot of things were going wrong throughout my whole pregnancy. The doctors said I had a chance of having cervical cancer, I had high blood pressure, I was in the early stages of pre-eclampsia, and I also went into premature labor. So as you can see, the debate of having a natural birth or an epidural was the least of my worries.

This was my first pregnancy, I didn’t know what to expect. My labor was induced. As I was sitting in the hospital bed, I was anxious to find out when my beautiful son was going to be born. A few hours passed, and my contractions started coming on stronger and stronger. Although I was in a lot of pain, I thought that labor was going to be a lot worse than what it was. I decided not to get an epidural and don’t regret my decision.

Giving birth to a child is an amazing feeling; it’s something that every woman should go through. You cannot explain what you’re feeling, nor how you felt at that matter. Therefore, I believe every woman should have a natural birth and experience what I felt, what other woman felt, as they were bringing their miracle into the world.