Should you Find out the Sex of your Baby before its Born

Many expectant parents, are asking themselves the question, should they find out the sex of the baby before the birth? Although there are many pros and cons of finding out a babies gender, it is important to think your decision through before making a choice. If you do choose to find out what the gender of your baby will be, considering the fact that the results are not always 100% accurate, will help you in the event that the result turn out to be false, and will prevent you from leaning towards that gender. Once you make the choice, there are more decisions that you now have to discuss as couple, or a family. Here are some reasons why you may or may not want to find out the sex of your baby before birth;

Although you maybe anxious to find out the gender of your baby, you will want to think this decision through. Talk this through with your partner, and if he or she decides that they would rather wait, you should then consider their reasons, and in turn decide to wait yourself. Waiting until the baby is born to find out the sex, can make you very anxious, but also happy that you decided to wait. I have found, that a few people that decided to find out the sex, decided that they would rather wait to find out the gender of their second child. Although on the other hand, there are many people who enjoy finding out the gender early, and were happy they did. Although, I know of at least two people who were told the gender of their baby, and it turned out that they were in turn surprised to find that the results were incorrect.

If you choose to find out the sex of your baby, so that you can decorate the nursery, and buy gender specific clothing, make certain, that they items that you buy can be returned, or if you can afford to do so, go to someone who needs them. You can also decide to keep these items, if you have room for storage, if you decide that you would like more children. Although many people choose to buy items for either gender, I would suggest buying only a select few things, before the baby is born, along with many gender neutral items if you decide to wait. These items might include, baby’s first outfit, or a special blanket or keep sake. Keep in mind, that not all babies fit into newborn sizes, so if you do buy gender specific items, especially for your babies home coming, that you buy them in a couple different sizes or size 0-3 months.

If you choose to find out the baby’s gender, you might be lead to only think only about that gender. If it turns out that the information is incorrect, you maybe unplanned with a name of opposite gender, and have a difficult time deciding on a name that you both agree on once the baby is born. You or your partner, could also get your hopes up about different ideas toward this specific gender, and then end up being slightly disappointed if the information was wrong. If you are going to find out the sex of the baby, it might be important to both decide names for either gender, and take time to think about what it would be like to have either a boy or a girl, take about positive things.

Whether you choose to wait, or to take the chance, it is up to you. Decide with careful thought, and consideration, but don’t let it guide you to determine how you will feel. You might also choose, that if you find out, that you will keep this information private and personal as a couple, or to tell the whole family. Be careful though, if you decide to let the sex be known, of what you might hear from others. The most important thing on your mind, should not be the gender, but the health of the baby.