Should you Discipline another Parents Child – Yes

I definitely feel you should discipline another parent’s child, to an extent. What parents don’t realize is that it is necessary sometimes. For me, I know this because I watch my almost 3-year-old sister all the time and my parents hate it when I discipline her. I am writing this so all you other parents can realize that you can’t watch a child if they’re going to listen to you without disciplining them.

Just try and put yourself in our position (all the people who watch your child): how would you like it if you had to watch your child without some sort of discipline? It would be extremely difficult because the child wouldn’t take you seriously. We have to give these kids much more credit – they are extremely intelligent. Haven’t you noticed that they pick up on a lot of things without you teaching them?

Okay, lets put it this way, you are at work and you have one boss that never gives you any consequences when you do something wrong and then you have another that does give the consequences right. I know this from experience: you will kind of walk all over the boss that doesn’t basically discipline you, and the other boss, you are going to definitely take them much more seriously and you’re going to do what you are supposed to. It is just like that with children it is human nature to do this.

Okay, now that I have your attention, let me get one thing straight. I do not believe that anyone else should hit your children. That is definitely not what I believe in. Let me give you another example: my older sister always disciplines my little sister, and when she tells her she can’t do something she may have an attitude, but she will listen to her completely. Yet I watch her a whole lot more than my sister does, and I only discipline her when she does something really bad, and she doesn’t really listen to me.

If you do not want to listen to anyone like most Americans, just try it out. Try not to discipline your child and see what happens. Ha ha, I definitely think you will feel differently about what you thought before. Just please do not shrug this article off – if you care about your child you will at least give this a try. I am not saying it will absolutely work, because all children are different, but I think that in most cases it will. Plus, what is the most you can lose by trying this.