Should you Discipline another Parents Child – Yes

Only to a certain degree is it in any way alright to discipline anyone that isn’t in your immediate familial comfort range. The appropriateness comes from the fact that parents are not always around to tell their children what is and is not alright on a social level; there are simply certain things people should never do because of the society we live in today and the social standards that society has set and been living with for quite a long time. If you witness someone’s child hurting a small animal for example…it doesn’t matter how offended the parent gets by your action, discipline the child in an appropriate manner and do a favor for your community. Tell the parents that if you ever see it or hear about it happening again, you’ll take action with the proper authorities, whatever you have to do. Disciplining children with a total lack of discipline is something that could benefit you and your family in the long run.

Young children grow up to be children who can be annoying who grow up to be teens who can cause damage who grow up to be adults who can do a lot of damage. Then they have kids and the cycle starts all over again.

In this day and age everyone is afraid to invade into anyone else’s territory. We all forget that a few hundred years ago a whole village raised a child, not one or two parents. Everyone disciplined the children of the village because that enabled the children to grow up with social values intact, respect for everyone around them, and best of all…a well rounded social education that is not limited to the scope of the parents knowledge, or (especially) their own belief structure. It enabled children to grow up in an environment free of a parents tyranny or forceful nature towards raising a child to believe the same exact things (values and morals) or act exactly the same (social settings)as their parents. Parents were also forced to accept their children as individuals rather than molds to be fitted with a personality similar to their own; it created a balanced relationship of acceptance and understanding between parent and child that does not exist in today’s society.

Disciplining another person’s child is a touchy subject because many people feel it is a territorial thing. You do not encroach on another’s right to raise their children any more than you break into a person’s house and steal their television. Some things are just not acceptable. That seems to be many people’s views towards this subject; which, going beyond just my humble ‘opinion’, is silly. To discipline another person’s child would do nothing more than give the child a better social standing, if the situation is handled properly.

The problem is when you begin to force your beliefs onto another person’s child that the discipline goes beyond just discipline, it goes beyond teaching a lesson.

There is a distinct difference between disciplining a child that you see writing graffiti on the side of another person’s house and discipling a child that you see with a tattoo. Obviously, one affects the entire community, the whole of not only that family’s territory, but yours and other families as well; the other affects only that child and their family having nothing to do with you or yours. If another parent gives their sixteen year old daughter permission to get a tattoo for her birthday it is not your place to try to ‘punish’ her when you see her in public; or lecture her with your personal views about how tattoos are wrong. Yet, if you see that child with a spray can in hand tagging the side of a house or store then it is perfectly within your rights to go and stop that.

There is a fine line between right and wrong, and everyone thinks that line is located somewhere different. It is difficult to judge when it is actually ‘alright’ to discipline another persons child and when it is never in your right. But do not be afraid to do it when you know it is the right thing to do. Just because some people feel that it is ‘never’ alright doesn’t make them any more correct than you for believing that it is alright at times. There is a certain point where it doesn’t matter what any one person believes, what matters is the protection of the pack, the herd, the whole of humanity. Allowing a child to go totally undisciplined when you know you could have done something, anything, to help prevent an instance of future catastrophe is more wrong than the discipline you administered in the first place.

There is no argument greater than the simplicity of the fact that no matter what anyone else believes, there are moments when I KNOW it is perfectly within my universal rights to discipline ANYONE in certain circumstances.

Just a warning to anyone who may have voted ‘no’ because they truly believe it is NEVER OK to punish someone else’s kids….if I see your child hurting mine or someone else’s pets, neighborhood wildlife, other children, or if they are on my property destroying, hurting, or doing anything harmful or destructive in any way shape for form; I will take appropriate disciplinary actions. I might call the police, I might detain them and call you, I might do a lot of things as long as long as they are in the range of what is considered appropriate. So keep your kids on a leash or discipline them yourselves before someone else feels like they have to.

I know I’m not the only one that feels this way, and I also know that a few hundred years ago humans lived in societies that were slightly more socially successful than this one. I’m not afraid to make the attempt at bringing those social standings back into play.

The biggest point is, if you aren’t going to keep your kid disciplined; someone will feel like they have to…and who are you to tell them it isn’t OK if you don’t do the job yourself….