Should you Discipline another Parents Child – Yes

I think it would be important to when the situation arises discipline another parents’ child. I have seen examples of when my parents did apply and enforce a measure of discipline on parent’s child. In the African context, a child does not belong to the parents alone; children belong to the larger extended family of aunties, uncles, grand parents and a host of other extended relatives. Uncles and aunts here do not necessarily refer to family members by blood connection; it’s more of friends of your family who knew you.

I think an example would help to explain my view there was a particular instance when a family friend, had taken money off his parents in the neighborhood where I lived. The young man as the story goes; knew that he could not keep that sum of money close by, because it was quite large and it would ensure that he would get caught. He takes the money to a friends place and told the friend he would like it to be left at his home for a few days to allow the hot money cool off. Now as I heard, this friend took this money and when to another friend to have the money kept there as well. He seemed to be afraid, that he could get into trouble as well. I want to mention here, that the young people here involved were teenagers who where becoming adults, and who should know better. But in this instance, they chose to be a part of this shameful behavior. All the parties new that the money was stolen and it was only right to have it returned to its rightful source. But what did they did, they willfully became partners in crime.

Finally, when the whole scheme was found out, the parents of all the children were very frustrated and very annoyed. To handle this particular case, the parents of the children called them together, and had to question them about what happened? Questions like who took the monies, and how the money went from one house to another, and what was done with the monies where some of the questions that were asked? In this peculiar situation, I do not think it was wrong for the parents of other children who were affected by this unfortunate incident should fold there arms and be quiet about the issues. I sincerely believe that they do have a write to apply the same measure of discipline to their children as they do to the other children who were involved. I think it would be quite sensible for the parents to get involved in thinking of a collective disciplinary measure that would apply across board to the parties involved.

I know that although am an advocate of parents disciplining other parents children, I also know that it is sensible to take a lot of precautions before it’s done. I do not think because a person is a parent, he should discipline every child that comes across his path. I think the disciplinary issue, should be looked at in context. The relationship between the parent doing the discipline and the child in question is important. I do believe that if there is a relationship which is quite strong in terms of blood or extended family like I earlier mention, to correct a child who is erring is not wrong, as it was done with the best intention, to teach and instruct the child and not necessarily to harm the child. Secondly I also believe that questions should be asked by the parent, is this issue I wish to discipline the child important, or can I inform the parent of the child to do it themselves? Having an answer to this question would prove a useful measure to decide if another parent should discipline a child or another. I think any parent caught up in this kind of dilemma should have a guideline, it may not be similar to mine, but it will be quite useful in informing his or her decision to get involved or to stay out of disciplining another persons child.