Should you Discipline another Parents Child – Yes

Children need discipline. It would be nice if we didn’t have to do this, but the fact is a child needs structure, activities and rules.

For example if a child is about to pull a boiling pot of water down from the stove. Or if they are about to walk out on to the street, in front of a speeding car. It isn’t enough to just pull the child out of harms way. From that point on they have to be told firmly, that these are things that they strictly can not do.

When a child decides they want to learn how to play a musical instrument, or to thrive at a sport they like, often times they try to “opt out” after the first couple of lessons. If allowed to do that, they would never learn how to complete, or be exceptional at anything. Discipline also teaches a child the rewards of being persistent, and accomplishing a goal.

Most of us know these things are important things for our own children to learn, but what happens when we come in contact with parents that don’t discipline their own children?. Should we discipline another parent’s child?.

One of my friend’s has a boy around age twelve. He is rambunctious to say the least. He is a sweet kid, however he has way too much energy. Every time my friend brings him over, my animals scatter and hide. He plays way to hard with them, often to the point of causing them pain. That isn’t the worst part. I have a German shepherd who is nearly one year old. I am so afraid that the dog is going to eventually bite him. Mean while my friend never says a word, but you can bet I do.

I tell him loudly to stop immediately. I also explain to him why he should not be hurting animals. I do not dwell on the issue, and move on to something different. Although I can tell his mother gets a little annoyed when I do this. Oddly enough the boy loves visiting with us. Once he is given structure and rules, he is a pleasure to be around.

So I try to never question how a person raises their child. In their own home they can discipline their child anyway they see fit. But in my home I won’t stand by and watch a child harm themselves, or anything else.