Should we allow our Children to Play with Toy Weapons – No

Toy guns are cleverly disguised as real weapons. After all, the appeal of these toys is that they look authentic to the children that play with toy guns. An unfortunate or tragic incident might occur, if someone else mistakes a toy gun for a real weapon. Gang members, often live in crowded urban areas in most major cities. What do you think would happen if a young gang member spots a six or seven year old playing with a toy gun in their own front or back yard? The repercussions can be very tragic. A toy gun is never a safe alternative for a child at play.

The act of playing with a toy gun and portraying acts of violence may eventually desensitize the child to acts of violence. Everyone knows in the real world, acts of violence  may be rendered by the “bad guys and at times the “good guys” as well. An act of play should be enjoyable and pleasurable. What is enjoyable or pleasurable about any act of violence? 

The only act of play that a chid might engage in with a toy gun is violent and disruptive. There isn’t any redeeming value in playing with toy guns. Most likely, the child is imitating an aspect of violence that he has seen on a television program. It’s a shame, without adequate parental supervision in the home, the child may be predisposed to portraying violent acts with his toy gun. The child may playfully point his toy gun at a stranger. The world seems to be on high alert with instances of children bringing real weapons to school for show and tell with their friends.

Playing with toy guns is non imaginative and lacks any teachable moments to engage in with your child. Exactly what can you teach a child about a toy gun?  It’s simple, guns are not safe and should never be played with.  A news story told of a young boy who mistakenly shot his friend in the head at point blank range. He told the policeman who interviewed him that he didn’t think a bee bee gun would cause any harm to his friend. The boy’s friend  lost an eye, but he will recover with just one eye for the rest of his life because of silly child’s play.

That may be just one incident and perhaps it will never ever happen again. Yet, the chance of it ever happening again should curtail toy manufacturers making toy guns for children to play with.