Should the Morning after Pill be used to Prevent Pregnancy – Yes

The use of the morning after pill to prevent pregnancy should be left up to the discretion of the individual. Although my religious views differ from the previous statement, I realize that we reside in a country where church and state are supposed to be separate – so, keeping that guideline in mind, I will continue to defend the point that this form of preventing pregnancy should be a decision left to the individual.

Abortion always has and will continue to be a controversial topic, whether it comes in pill form or through a surgical procedure. The fact of the matter is, from my experience, most arguments will be based on a religious foundation. I firmly attest that my religious views should not be deemed law for anyone else, and I am tired of others trying to influence my life through theirs. People have the right to choose for themselves in our country, at least for the present time. Who has the ability to judge what is right and what is wrong? From a legal standpoint, to restrain an individual from making any choice as to what they believe is for the best of their well being would be contradictory to our rights as listed in the constitution. If we choose to keep this document as the foundation principles our government and out individual rights are based upon, then we should not interfere with individual choice.

The morning after pill is murder – what a curious statement. I find if difficult to generalize and make such an ignorant statement myself, as I choose to see the situation as a whole, rather than label a name, and a very strong one at that, to a conclusion for several possible situations. Would the morning after pill still be opposed for use by someone who has been the victim of a violent rape? What about incest? Ask yourself, if it were your daughter or sister or mother or friend, would it be easy to call it murder if they were carrying the seed of an attacker that will probably haunt them forever? And what about the young girls molested by sick uncles or fathers? Should a twelve year have to carry that kind of burden? It seems that religious people who claim to follow such holy commandments seem to be the quickest to judge, and the quickest to deal out sins to others whom are none of their concern.

If the morning after pill is murder, then would birth control fall under the same category? And condoms as well? All three methods prevent pregnancy, correct? The only difference is that condoms and birth control are used as a precaution – so, would that be equally as wrong as they are used with the pretense to prevent life? I think it straddles the fine line between what religion will interpret as right and wrong. My religious beliefs are simply that – my own. I expect to have the right to choose, and to not be judged for my decisions by other men and women.

If someone chooses to take the morning after pill, for whatever reason, is really none of my business, there for I will not judge them and tell them what they can and cannot do.