Should the Morning after Pill be used to Prevent Pregnancy – Yes

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could bring the rights of women in the USA up to speed? The country claims to be establishing democracy and votes for women in Iraq and Afghanistan and still makes a woman’s right to control her own body a matter of debate. This happens in a nation that rejects religious teaching in its schools and allows tele-evangelists to rip off the poor and despairing by requesting their rent check’s.

Sounds like the carpet baggers that were imported to Northern Ireland to keep the local Protestants whipped into a frenzy that repeatedly deteriorated into civil war. If a woman does not make a private and individual choice for herself, she is not a free person. It encourages men to enslave women with unwanted pregnancies and either force marriage or worse upon them. At the same time the Government is exercising control over her sexuality.

The option for the single parent mother in the USA is even worse. Palimony is a recent invention. Few women manage to hold onto a career outside the low paying pink collar profiled jobs, when faced with marriage and children. Alternatively the father abandons responsibilities to the mother and child. If she bore his child than she is entitled to be paid for the work of raising that child, just as much child must have support from the father. Her workload has increased far more than his. If the man does not like the situation, he should not have sex.

Almost forty-five percent of women in the USA of child bearing age are not bearing children. Obviously the risk to the woman and child of extreme poverty and being driven into areas of high crime for cheap rents is huge. Wake up to women’s rights. Either increase the income of the Mother and Child with Government payouts to lift them out of poverty or penalize all men who irresponsibly impregnate women.

Until then, allow the morning after pill and other forms of birth control or encourage the multiplication of opportunities for male sterilization. Men make poor mothers. The legislation and policies will primarily be in the hands of men, either in Government or the medical profession. Therefore why doesn’t the USA simply follow the lead of other western nations and offer the morning after pill, and the woman’s right to choose.

In the present USA situation ‘she’ is a political hot potato, punished by punitive welfare rates and overworked to the point of exhaustion. Of course when she falls by the wayside she can be punished for failing as a superhero and have her children and welfare checks removed. Those children can then be punished for lacking a competant father and a overburdened mother by their foster parents or the state juvenile hall.

Quit perpetrating nonsense over women’s rights. If you want healthy well adjusted generations of children you will provide better choices and incomes for women of child bearing age. There is a new pill on the market that ends fertility in women of child bearing age. Given the dangers and difficulties of motherhood one can understand why women want it.