Should Teens be Allowed to Shop alone during the Holidays – No

Most teens are making their purchases with daddy’s credit card. The excitement of shopping during the holidays is an intoxicating experience and may lead to over spending, blowing the prescribed family budget and shoppers remorse. Teens shop in packs and their purchases are often influenced by the group of friends they are shopping with. The ramification of teens shopping with other teens that have no responsibilities, may lead to extravagant and useless purchases. Teens need supervision and should not be allowed to shop alone, without adult supervision.

Teens are often singled out by store security and closely scrutinized by employees and store camera’s. There may be someone shop lifting the merchandise. The group of teens may resort to the five finger discount or stealing worthless merchandise. For example, a tube of chap stick may render the entire pack in jail.

Identity theft is rampant and it is very easy for a thief to single out and see who is experienced at making sure credit card purchases are secure.  Teens may often discard the receipt, which has all of the required information to commit identity theft. The excitement of the chase or shopping to find that great deal, can render them careless of making secure purchases.

The pick pockets, are out in force during the holidays as well.  Teens are more interested in the latest shoe color, or the trendiest bag, to pay close attention to these important shopping strategies.  

The I- pods are embedded in their ears and the cell phones are in hand and the party is on, so to speak. They may be more interested in meeting at the food court to examine their spoils. Can they at least wait until they get home? No way! Some purchases might have to be hidden from the discerning eyes of the parent.

Pre-teens should be instructed on safety measures and allowed to accompany a parent and make several purchases for themselves, before venturing out on their own.  A responsible age should never be before fourteen years of age. A caveat, to consider, most department  stores will not allow them to make purchases with a parent’s credit card.   A valid I.D. is usually required with purchases. This is a safety mechanism designed to protect the credit card holder from scams, over spending or credit card theft.