Should Parents Raise their Children without Television – No

Television is the most important aspect to a child’s life.

Television is the reason anything bad happens in our world today.

These are the two opposites of this basic argument that Americans have been fighting over since the television was invented. In reality though neither are right. Of course TV should not be taken from the children, kids can learn a lot from the TV now a days. They have whole channels dedicated to teaching kids. Yes, many of them are horribly written and make most adults want to basically kill themselves after watching like two episodes, but to the kids neither of that matters to them TV is like a friend. The programing today trys to interact with the kids as much as possible, it asks kids questions and tells them to jump up and down or spin around. TV really isn’t the evil corrupting idea that alot of people think it is.

TV is the the criminal, the TV shows is. On the other hand of the situation parents need to delegate how much TV the kids watch and what they watch. If a kid watched CSI for the first six years of their lives then they are either going to be really smart at solving crimes or really messed up, but if a child at a young age watches a little bit of TV every day then it is not going to hurt them. In fact it could be beneficial depending on what they watch. My best friends younger brother can now speak better Spanish than I can after two years of classes and all just from the TV shows he watches. Well make not speak, but he can name more things in the kitchen and rest of the house than I can its insane.

So parents should not be blaming a rotten child on the TV they should be blaming them selves for allowing their children to watch shows that promote the bad qualities that they have obtained, and many of those qualities are reinforced by the parents also cursing and yelling and scream. Parents need to take responsibility for their own kids and stop trying to find scape goats to blam it all on.