Should Parents Bring Baby to the Movie Theater – No

I do not believe that parents should take their baby to the movie theater. Although it is understandable why parents would wish to take their baby to the movie theater, there are many valid and sensible reasons why they should not.

Firstly, babies tend to be quite disruptive to other people and their surroundings, as they cry and scream, often without any distinguishable reason. In a movie theater, everyone wants to hear the movie that they have paid good money for, and a squealing infant is not welcome as important dialogs of the movie might be missed. Also, the parents then either have to make noises to soothe the baby, or go in and out of the theater, which causes further disturbance to both the audience and the parents. By leaving the baby home with a family member or a trusted babysitter, not only can the audience enjoy the movie fully, but so can the parents.

Furthermore, a movie theater is not a healthy place for a baby. This is because movies are played too loudly for a baby, especially at theaters that have Surround Sound systems. Such loud noises are very damaging to a baby’s sensitive eardrums, and might contribute to hearing impairment. Also, movie theaters are full of germs, either from people coughing or sneezing into the circulating air, or where people have touched the armrests or seats. Bringing a baby into such a germ-filled environment is a dangerous thing, as babies do not have properly established immune systems and tend to fall sick with infections quite easily.

Moreover, it is healthy for parents to get away from their baby for a couple of hours. As they spend all their time looking after him or her (when they are not at work), it is a good idea for them to be able to spend some time in each other’s company, without the baby. Also, watching a movie is very relaxing for a majority of people, so the parents will go home to their baby relaxed and happy.

All in all, there are many good reasons for parents to not take their baby to a movie theater. These include not disrupting other movie-goers, preventing the baby from getting hearing damage or infections, and allowing the parents to have a couple of hours of relaxation.