Should Parents be Expected to help their Teen with Homework

In an ideal world, parents should not have to help their teens with homework. The school should fully equip them to work away happily at home completing whatever is required of them. In the real world, however, it should not only be expected, but it is actually essential that the parents help them. 

Schools are becoming more crowded. The standard of education is not what it used to be. In addition, knowledge is constantly increasing on every subject. Children can come home with an assignment that is bewildering to them. They don’t know where to start. They did not understand the teacher’s instructions or the teacher did not have the time to explain fully. Whatever the reason, they have to hand in the assignment by the next day and to leave them to work it out by themselves is a little cruel. They need help and parents are in the best position to give that help. 

Teens, of course, should be encouraged to work it out for themselves. Finding the answer through their own thinking ability and resourcefulness is teaching them an invaluable life lesson. For many reasons, however, they simply cannot do this. Parents can always assist at least in some small way. Perhaps all the child needs is a nudge in the right direction.

No matter what the level of education of the parents, they can always help. Two or three minds are always better than one. Even just the fact that parents do want to help often has a calming effect on the teenager and helps reduce their anxiety about the material. They then may be able to think better about a solution. Parents have more life experience than their teenager and can always teach them something about how to generally go about tackling a problem or even where to go to find answers.

A child’s education is one of the most important things they can receive. Even if they don’t go on to be brilliant lawyers or doctors, their education equips them for the rest of their life. Schools don’t have the resources to do it all for them. One of the greatest gifts that parents can give to their teens is their time and energy in helping them with homework or any other problem in life. It shows that they care and want the best for them. These are the things teenagers will always remember.