Should Mothers Bring their Children to Work – Yes

Many of the women where I work bring their children to work with them at least once a week. The children get to see first hand what they do for a living and have a chance to decide whether or not they might want to consider a career in that field.

The first time I saw an employee bring her child to work was my first year at the office. One of my coworkers brought her ten-year-old daughter to work, and I was very surprised by it. The little girl stayed right by her mother and even helped her by stacking files, running errands and filling dispensers such as paper clips and stamps.

It was really nice to see them work together and at lunchtime, they walked out hand in hand for a mother and daughter lunch. The woman’s work was not hindered at all and as a matter of fact, she was finished early that day.

When I asked the supervisor about employees bringing their child to work, she said that she herself had periodically taken her daughter to work with her when she was younger. And she realized that it was not only beneficial to their relationship; it helped to steer her into the direction of corporate finance, in which she now holds a high position.

During my years there at the company, I and many others had brought our child to work with us on occasion and in all those years, we had only one bad experience. The child was under five and the mother was too busy running after him to get any work done. The supervisor “suggested” she wait until the child was a little older before bringing him to work with her again.

Of course, there are some places of employment where bringing a child to work would be inappropriate such as a bar or a gambling establishment, not to mention the fact that it would also be illegal.

Other inappropriate places of employment to bring a child would be hospitals, especially emergency rooms, exposing them to illness. Some retirement homes would also be inappropriate as several of the elderly guests suffer dementia or other disorders and are sometime uncovered in their beds or calling out. This would not be a proper environment for a child.

However, if the work environment is suitable for children then it could be very beneficial for both parent and child to bring their child to work on occasion. It has been my experience that bringing a child to work gives you an excellent chance to spend quality time with them and still earn your pay. It’s a win-win situation.