Should Mothers Bring their Children to Work – No

As a young Mom, I took a “temporary” leave of absence from my job as a civil engineer in order to stay-at-home and raise my children. During this temporary (5-year!) period, I had the opportunity to assist in the family business which enabled me to make some income while allowing flexibility with my children’s schedules. Even better, I could bring my children to work with me!

However, unless you have your own business, or your company has an on-site daycare center, you should not bring your children to work with you.

The advantages for me were obvious: I could come and go as I needed to with no supervisors frowning upon my sudden need to take my child to the doctor; no managers complaining that I wasn’t meeting their deadlines; my children got to see and spend quality time with their grandparents every single day; and, they even learned early-on the value of a hard-earned buck. Even still, there were times when I needed to take a call or meet with a customer and had an employee baby sit my screaming kids so I could get my work done!

Most women are not fortunate enough to work for a family business. In the real world, employers pay you for and expect you to do a job. No matter how well-behaved your children are, there will always be distractions: your child is hungry, thirsty, bored, sick, or just wants attention. You will need to take calls, work on the computer, answer to your employer, and what do you do when your child is talking to you at the same time as a coworker? Do you tell them to quiet down and wait for you to finish what you’re working on? That would be unreasonable to ask of a young child.

If your sitter is sick and you have no other choice but to bring them to work with you, that is one thing. People understand. But bringing them to work every day is not advisable.