Should Men have the right to Opt out on Fatherhood

Today is a new way of life and choices for everyone. Some choices are made for the better pursuit of happiness. With that in mind the debate of a woman’s rights over her body being one that has given women choices that are now her rights to control her body and happiness.

The womens choice to have the baby or not does not give the father a choice in the birth of his child. His rights only factor in when the child is born or if he is married to the mother and she be in a coma. Even then other family members can intervene and take the choice away.

When should fathers be given a choice to “opt out of fatherhood” and not be prosecuted as a “Dead-beat Dad”. Some men really wouldn’t make proper fathers to there children. Being a woman who has had a personal experience in the matter on a father not wanting to be a dad, I can say he was right. I gave him the choice to opt out through court and had a judge grant him his choice of not wanting to be the father of his son.

I am not saying that a man can avoid his right to care for the child that he helped make. There would be more men saying that he wanted her to have an abortion and should not be held responsible for her going against what he wanted. Men should make smarter choices when it comes to having sex and whether it is protected for both him and his partner. Men who want to cry foul should just not be given a the chance to opt out of fatherhood without very good reasons and the child’s best interest taken into account in the long run.

Men have choices already and what the do with them, just like women, have consequences that they have to live with. Instead of looking at a child as a burden, see children for what they really are, a blessing. Fatherhood is just like life, you get out of it what you give. Should you work hard at being a dad who is there and loving to their children. The feeling you get is a great reward. Kids make heroes out of their fathers. All it takes is loving them and helping provide for the needs that should make you feel good when you know that you are given what they need. Remember that you don’t have to be a perfect dad, just be dad.

Should there be women who can see that men who don’t want to be fathers after the child is born, and feel that the child will be harmed from a father who does not love them and never will. That is when both mother and father need to consider the best interest of the future of the baby and take into account that the little one might be better off without the dad there to make it harder for him or her.

The state should help them with alternative solutions. Some states require that there be two parents named for each child so that in the event of one parents death the other is available to the child. That is law, and it could be altered for the father and one of his parents or sibling could step in as next of kin, should there not be one willing then one of the mothers family members could possibly been named. That is not how the law see it, but it could be a solution that could be much better for the children who have fathers who don’t care and wont pay child support and cost tax payers money in the attempt to collect for the child’s behalf.

Men who are involved with serious criminal activity and men who are not going to pay for the support of their kids are only going to cause children to feel even more unwanted and unloved then to allow a women to move on with her life and have a good chance to find a man like I did who has made a wonderful father for my son and is a good provider. Not all men are going to run from duty and responsibility. There are good men who love kids and want to be fathers who are loving and caring.

We have no problems dealing with my son’s biological father and my son who knows the truth about his biological father and his daddy has had no problems with no having the biological connection to his daddy. They are close and happy to have each other. Knowing that we are just one family of many out there who have gone through the same things. I would hope that there are some changes to allow some men to opt out of there paternal rights when there is very good reasons are put into effect. Much like women being given the right to terminate a pregnancy.