Should children learn to do laundry?

Why shouldn’t children learn to launder their clothes? It makes good sense to give kids life skills that are needed for daily living. Starting early gives children confidence and expertise in everyday living skills. Looking at it from the right prospective, it is advantageous to give children the experience and knowledge to enable them to care for their own needs. When the time comes for the kids to leave home, they will be prepared. You can be proud that you have given your children skills and plenty of practice.

Of course, this is a task that needs guidance and supervision until your child is older. Starting from a young age, your child can help and assist you with the washing. Explain the process step-by-step and with his help do the washing together. This prepares your child for when it is his turn to tackle the washing. Now he understands how the washing is done, you can get him to do his own giving the same step-by-step instructions. Give help and guidance where needed and always supervise.

Your child will be grateful when he is older and ready to leave home, as you have given him the skills that are needed. Looking smart and clean is important for academic and social success, as well as giving a person confidence. Teaching your child how to wash his own clothes allows him plenty of practice for when he has to wash his own clothes independently. This will enable him to take care of his appearance and his clothing.

As for ironing, using a hot iron is something that shouldn’t be started until you feel your child is ready. This may be around the age of 10-12 years, depending on the nature of your child. There is no need to turn the iron onto the highest setting, and of course explain that the iron is hot. Great care should be taken and close supervision and assistance is needed. Learning how to iron is going to take time and practice.

To begin you can teach your child how to iron through him observing you, while you explain how the garments are ironed. You can even allow him to have a go while the iron is unplugged to allow him to practice at first. Supervision is still needed to ensure of your child’s safety at all times. Clean, ironed clothing gives a person a smart appearance, and is a good skill with which your child should leave home with.

Children who are not given the opportunity to wash and iron early on will not be as well-versed for early adulthood. Children should be given the chance to learn and experience all of life’s important daily living tasks. Good preparation and practice gives children greater experience to be self-sufficient adults in later life.