Should Babies be Breastfed Exclusively – Yes

A new baby has a right to the love, protection and complete nurturing of its mother. A mother’s milk is THE food for a baby. It is a baby’s birth right. It is a baby’s perfect nourishment. A baby thrives on this diet as it is the most natural and wholesome one a mother can provide. A mother should do everything in her power to provide this perfect food for her child. The patience and perseverance breast feeding requires is worth the wonderful benefits to both mother and child. Breastfeeding can be intimidating, exhausting, and difficult at times but the positive aspects far outweigh the negatives.

As a new mother I was discouraged at first when I could not achieve the perfect latch. I thought that this should come as naturally as labor did for me. I envisioned a contented suckling infant in my arms from the first moments outside of the womb. It was not as easy as I expected. I imagined that the suckling babe would be perfectly portable. I would be able to nurse while I walked, talked, worked, ate. I would be able to breastfeed with my eyes closed, in my sleep – look Ma no hands. Breastfeeding a very new infant, in my experience, was not as easy as I had hoped. But while I was doing it I was loving it. I needed both hands and a boppy. I needed a comfy chair and the right position. When I had these we were golden. The loving moments of sitting with my darling girl, knowing that I was fulfilling her every need were the most wonderful of my entire lifetime of experiences. And as I got the hang of it I found that it became easier and easier and more and more wonderful. The perfectly portable food for my baby also leads to wonderful moments of just sitting with her, talking with her, getting to know her, getting to caress her soft little body, getting to know her every little inch. I would not trade this for any formula or any bottle.
This is fine dining at its very best.