Should Adult Children Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude toward their Parents – No

Every childhood is different, so to expect adult children to be grateful towards their parents is not necessarily a given. Many children go through awful and abusive childhoods, so how can they be expected to be grateful for their parents when they are older?

As children, growing up seems difficult and parents always seem unfair. Children act as though their parents were never kids and couldn’t possibly understand any problems that youngsters can go through. However, as children grow up and become adults, hopefully we can gain a better understanding of our parents and what they went through. With this realization also comes the fact that our parents aren’t just parents. They are also adults that have their own problems and issues to deal with.

I myself had a good childhood, but of course there were times that I disagreed with my parents. We got along well until I hit my teen years. That was a very rocky road until I was about 21. When I was a teen I thought my parents were ancient and out of touch with the world. There was no way they would ever understand what I was going through. Now as an adult, I see my parents as adults and can appreciate what they went through then and even now.

Parents are also individuals, not only with their own problems but also taking on the concerns and problems of their own children. I have a child of my own now, and can very much appreciate my parents. I am grateful towards both of them for their sacrifices then and still now. Their family has always come first and still does, even though we are all grown up and have families of our own.

Hopefully every normal childhood, produces a child that grows to appreciate and show gratitude towards their parents. When the children become parents, it becomes very clear the sacrifices that it takes to raise a family. As the children become older, there is also a friendship that hopefully develops and not just a dutiful parent child relationship.

Showing gratitude towards one’s parents is not required or a must for children, however as time goes by, we hopefully gain the wisdom and insight to see our parents for who they really are. Not just parents.