Should a Teen Lesbian be Allowed to have a Sleepover – Yes

Is it appropriate for lesbian teenagers to have sleepovers?

In my personal opinion, the fact that this is the subject of a debate is a prime example of the prejudice and close-mindedness of society today.  It is a serious problem, a crisis.  Of course sleepovers are appropriate for lesbian teenagers.  I can’t think of one good reason as to why they wouldn’t be acceptable.

First of all, would it not be allowed for fear that there would be an orgy going on in the sleeping bags?  Of course not, so the question is, what are people so afraid of?  Like any other teenage get together, it is up to the parents to ensure the safety and supervision of the teens, so as long as that is in place, there should be nothing much to worry about. 

Depriving a lesbian teen of this is just another way of making our teens feel more like they don’t belong or are not normal, or cannot enjoy life as they want to, as they deserve.  Who doesn’t love a good sleepover with the girls, playing games, gossiping, and doing makeovers?  Who decides that a teenager, because of her sexual preference, should not be allowed this pleasure?  And by pleasure, I don’t mean that of a sexual nature, but the pleasure of being surrounded by friends.  Sleepovers are a normal part of growing up for girls, and a lesbian is no less entitled to that part than a straight or heterosexual teen.  Our gay and lesbian children and teens already feel singled out enough and some of them truly struggle with fitting in and the fear of being judged.  Being able to have a sleepover is a way to help them feel normal, or that they fit in.  I believe singling them out and not allowing a sleepover is another way of making them feel like they are not worthy of the same happiness in life because of their sexual orientation.  Society has got to wake up and start accepting out youth gay and lesbian and letting them know that they are loved, they are just as good as anyone else, and they deserve the same happiness and acceptance.  If our teens felt this way, maybe there would be one less suicide, one less bully, one less death, one less reason to cry on their pillow, one less reason to feel like they are all alone.