Shopping for inexpensive, yet high quality, baby clothes

Finding inexpensive, high quality baby clothes can be easy to do, if you know where to look. First one must remember that the baby will wear an outfit only a few times. While in that outfit they will spit up, spill food, and have accidents if they are really little or spill food, crawl through everything, and other wise find the best ways to get dirty, all while wearing the clothes that he or she has. It won’t matter how much you spent! With that in mind, along with how fast a child can grow, finding inexpensive clothes are important.

Friends and family

The first thing you can do to find inexpensive clothes is get the word out that you are looking. Friends and family will gladly hand down baby clothes. After all, they either bought them or had them given to them. It is okay if you are picky and go through the things that are given to you picking out the cleanest, cutest outfits. Most of the time though, you will get a lot of great items.

Garage sales

Garage sales are a great place to buy clothes for the whole family, especially the little ones. You can find out fits for babies and toddlers for 25 cents up to a few dollars for things that are really good or hardly worn. I even paid a dollar for an outfit that still had the tags! It was a $25 outfit and I got it for a buck! You can be picky here as well. Check for stains and only buy what you think your baby will wear when they are that size. If it is inexpensive, pick it up even if it is too big, after all if he or she never wears it, you can’t feel bad for paying a quarter.

Second hand stores

While you will pay a little more at a second hand store and it is a little harder finding things that will fit (things fly off the shelf!) it is worth a look. You will find most baby items marked from a dollar to a couple of dollars. There are often great items that look adorable. Check for stains and wear and tear. Don’t buy it if you don’t like it or don’t think it is in good condition. Something will come along. If you want to try it on the baby, feel free, after all there are people all over the store trying things on (usually in the dressing rooms).

Department stores

Department stores often have things that are cheaper then clothing stores or baby stores. Most shirts or pants can be gotten for three to six dollars and outfits for ten to twenty. In addition to regular prices, look for sale and clearance items. If you buy next winters clothing at the end of the season, you can save a lot of money!

Over all, outfitting your baby doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact it can be really inexpensive. You just have to be willing to look for quality items in unexpected places. Take a few moments and you will find a lot of great deals for a lot less money.