Sexual Purity – No

I don’t believe that a Purity Ball is the all in all for a girl’s choice to be abstinent. It will take far more than one night with Dad. However, let’s take a moment to discuss this event.

To have a father invite his daughter to the Purity Ball is a commendable gesture on any dad’s part. His preparation and presence states that he is willing to step up and openly expressing his love for his daughter and celebrate her in a lovely fashion. These dads and step-dads as well, are in the minority.

I don’t see this event or their acts of affection incestuous. Some fun dances at the Ball, like the twist to a warm waltz that ends with a hug or kiss with someone we love is often the norm for many of us.

With the information that is at our fingertips daily through media and Internet we must admit that a small percentage will go down that ugly road of incest leaving a daughter scared and tainted forever towards men. I don’t believe it would start at the Purity Ball, it would have started long before that. Conversely, the highest majority of these precious girls will have experienced at their Purity Ball a moment of a life time, hopefully helping to solidify their choice to maintain that short season in their life of sexual purity, hopefully most often between the age of 12-18. They will avoid becoming a statistic in our society today. Like, 1 in 3 teenage girls will have an STD by the time they are 14, and 1 in 4 will be pregnant by 17 and choose to have an abortion. As parents we can present our desire for them but we ultimately can not force it, they have a choice.

Most importantly it is in daily life that fathers have to live a life of integrity to be an excellent male role model for their daughters. Dad should be the one their daughter uses as “the bar” of what she will be looking for in her future boyfriend or husband. Dads today are living more any from home than within it, but this doesn’t make cause for compromise.

Speaking of the home, this is a big part of that “all in all” mentioned earlier. It is mom who is the role model most often in her daughter’s life. Mom is the person who is probably first to encourage sexual purity and often is challenged as her daughter seeks to express and define her individuality in the way she may speak, dress or act. Therefore, moms are always looking for a creative solutions to encourage and validate their daughters in appropriate ways. When moms hear of such an event like the Purity Ball, the majority of the time it is momsthat are planning, prodding and praying that her husband, or ex, will take their daughter to this event and preparing her daughter’s heart to be willing to attend.

So, in wrapping this up, if a father and daughter are willing take the time to go together to this Purity Ball, enabling him to publicly express his desire to be a father of integrity, and his daughter affirms her choice to be sexually pure, I say this Purity Ball is an opportunity to improve their individual commitments to themselves as well as their father/daughter relationship. The bonus is, if she chooses, will consider this a moment where she solidified her decision to stay sexually pure with confidence and had some fun doing it.

Remember we take and leave information from any event we attend, so we can trust that a good mind and heart will lead to the best decisions.