Sex Bracelets in Schools

Every generation has something new to bring to the table for their culture. Certain acts may be viewed as good and others bad. For those that are caught up in the midst of the boom, it can be very difficult to see what is actually happening. A new trend in schools are the use of sex bracelets. They are little jelly type bracelets from a time before that are showing back up on schools all over.

A little introduction on how they work. It is more like a game that is played in which the risks are heavy and players are unknown. Little rubberish bracelts are worn by someone. Another person sees them and then trys to break one off of the other person. The one that broke off the bracelet is granted a “intimate” wish depending on the color of the bracelet that was torn. The acts can range from a hug to full intercourse and everything in between. Sounds like a weird game to me.

Parents can think of it as a new twist on the old classics such as: “Spin the Bottle”, “Seven Minutes in Heaven”, “Strip Poker”. All of these things were designed with teens in mind with their never ending curiousity about the opposite sex and how things work. This new “game” just gives modern teens a vehicle to perform the same deed as was done before in our time.

As for allowing these in schools, it depends. High schools should do some preventative measures so that it does not get out of hand. Remember that we are talking about “horny” teenagers here. In the college realm, it should be whatever the adults that they are choose to do. Someone is bound to get hurt, but it doesn’t stop the behavior. There will be something new to use for the same “game” and perhaps a new system will be devised that is worse than the previous. The system does give a bit of distraction to the schools and perhaps some girls may not want to come to school because of the name calling. Some girls may end up pregnant or with a deadly disease.

The bottom line here is that parents should talk to their children to find out what they are doing. Open lines of communication are crucial to having good relationships. The system may be in place, but your child may not participate if a talk is in order. The use of sex bracelets in schools is a bit on the strange side for most people to grasp, I was one of them. A trend is one that stays around for a little while and then disappers just as fast as it came to light.