Seven Essential Rules to a Happy Family Life

Whether you are a traditional or a modern family, the one common desire for any family is happiness.  Parents lead the way and set the tone for the family’s temperament.  Working together to achieve this kind of contentment is key in the success of a happy family life.

There are many common elements among happy families and living together in peace is possible.  In this day and age the family unit needs attention to strengthen the ties that bind; these few rules are a good place to start.

1. Family first

Always put the family first.  When the well-being of the family is given top priority, everything else falls into place.  As parents, set the example by showing your children they are the most important people in your life.  When the day is done, put work behind you and devote the rest of the day to your family.  When children feel worthy, they gain self-confidence and treat others with the same value.

2. Laugh together

Laughing together is one of the greatest ways to bond as a family.  Find the humor in one another and tease in a light hearted and respectful manner.  This creates a fun atmosphere to live in and can help relieve stress that is a natural part of everyday life. 

3. Respect each other

As parents, show respect to each other at all times.  Disagreements are bound to occur and it is important to handle situations with respect.  This teaches the children to agree to disagree without name calling and shouting.  This should be a house rule: no name calling or shouting.  Sit down face to face and make eye contact.  This is good body language and shows a willingness to work out the issue with mutual respect.

4. Eat together

Sharing a meal is a perfect time for the family to reconnect.  With busy lives and different schedules, sitting down together as a family is crucial in building and maintaining close relationships.  Make mealtime a family event, sharing in the planning, preparing and clean-up. This is a great opportunity to have conversations without interruptions.

5. Celebrate together

Celebrate special days giving each family member a chance to be the center of attention.  Let them choose the meal or restaurant.  Celebrate together individual accomplishments as well.   Besides the holidays you share, take every opportunity to have fun as a family.  This bonds and builds deeper connections. 

6. Make time to play together

Enjoy the opportunity to have play time as a family.  The stress of everyday responsibilities often get in the way of having fun.  Make time to have fun. This could be game night, movie night or a weekend get-a-way.  The point is having fun as a family validates the very meaning of family.  Life is meant to be enjoyed and playing together as a family creates happy memories that stay with you always. Taking vacations together is a fun and positive way to build a happy family.  The time away from everyday stress and the experience of new adventures is essential to bonding a family together.

7. Communicate

Lastly, communicate openly, honestly and often.  Communication is the foundation of solid, strong relationships.  Good communication within the family carries to other relationships outside the family.  Healthy communication connects people together and is essential to family happiness.

Living life with these basic rules is an easy guide to follow.  A family learns to accept one another, loving each other through good times and bad.  They celebrate their success and comfort each other in failure.  They share the same basic values and face the everyday challenges together.

A happy family will cry, laugh, fight, work and grieve together.  In life’s ups and downs a family is where you will be safe, find support and always call home.