Sending the Wrong Message to our Children by Bad Parenting

Are you buying your child or raising them to take care of themselves. So many times it has been said I will do better then my parents did and give them more. Give them more what things cellphones, computers, video games, money, and a car.

What is it that you are giving them to prepare them for the real world? Is it reality that someone is going to reward them with items if they are failing in school, or not following the rules at home. Looking back in the day it took a village to raise one child in our block. Now a teacher can not call a parent into the classroom to even utter a single sentence about something the child is doing wrong. Why is that, teachers are no longer teaching because they are worried about which student will hit them today. What message does that send about the parenting skills of today versus yesterday.

If a blip of a bad grade was on the report card on the way home you would already be thinking of ways to survive the punishment. What is wrong with a little fear which is actually respect with kids today. Fear does not always equal abuse but today everything is about abuse. Meanwhile we have all of these cell phone carrying, ipod rocking, video games carrying kids. But to ask them about what book they checked out of the library what library? All around us the children have more things but not a moral compass in sight. Because things have to be earned not just given.

If a child has to save up for something they want versus you running out to the midnight sale to get it which child will take care of it and have it longer? Life is about choices you have a choice to say right now you have to earn these things or you will not get. Being a single parent or even a two parent family makes no bit of difference if you are buying your children.

Teachers are steadily watching the clock hoping and praying for the day to be over. Not having any control over the kids in the classroom. How can they if you have no control at home, if the child is fearless. If they even look like they are going to discipline a child as a parent why do you not hear what the teacher is saying. Teachers do not make a whole lot of money to shape young minds but they are there. Could you take there place and do it when you can not even control your child in your own home? Lastly sending your child to school does not equal raising the child that is still your job. Not the TV, computer, ipod, cellphone, or video game. That is a parenting nightmare waiting to happen when they still living with you waiting on allowance at age twenty five. Then as a parent then can you actually say I guess my parents parenting skills were not so bad.