Self-esteem building tips for your tweens and pre-teens

All teens should be taught that the world is not a bad place and that they could actually find a way to thrive in it. The teenage years, as everyone knows, is a difficult time in life, but it can be made easier if teens learn how to be confident and have healthy self-esteems. Parents have a direct influence and play an important role in their teenager’s life. They are the ones who can effectively teach their teens the value of a good self-esteem.

You may be wondering what good self-esteem is to a teenager. It seems that other personality traits, such as those relating to social situations (anxiety, nervousness, etc.) can be linked to self-esteem. More importantly, depression is a condition that, in teenagers, is most likely linked to low self-esteem.

Teenagers who develop and maintain good self-esteem are better able to make friends. As parents, you do have an obligation to ensure that your teenager has a good social life. And, if that is to become a reality, you have to make sure that your teens have good self-esteem. To do so, you can follow these tips:

Go out often with your preteen. Doing so will help condition your teen to public settings and you will be able to see how he/she interacts with the public. For example, study and note how your teen interacts with a store cashier.

Encourage your teen to join clubs or sports. These are activities that promote teamwork as well as self-assuredness. For instance, if your teen helps his/her team win, he/she will feel proud of him/herself. But, make sure that your teen knows what is “egotistically” appropriate and what is not. Don’t allow him/her to become too confident!

If your teen is of working age, encourage him/her to take up a job. Like joining a team or a club, working will teach your teen how to become responsible, act more mature, and hopefully make new friends and learn how to interact with the public. Not only that, but he/she will gain some experience, too.

Let your teen speak if he/she has any opinions to voice to you. However, make sure that all of what comes out of his/her mouth is appropriate and mature. Communicating well with your teen can lead to a better home life, and, as a result, to better self-esteem.

As you can see, your teen’s self-esteem is strongly connected to other parts of his or her life. As long as you promote and nurture his/her self-esteem, you can help improve the quality of your teen’s teenage years.