Selecting Godparents

Choosing your baby’s godparents can be a difficult task indeed. It is difficult to narrow down all of the family members and friends upon which you would wish to bestow such an honor. There are many different factors to consider when making this decision.

First, you have to consider what you want in a godparent. For some parents, this will be the person who would raise their children in case something were to happen to them. In that situation, you would need to base the decision upon who would best raise your children. Typically, this would be a family member who you trust very well, who would like to take on the role and who would be good for the children. If this what you are looking for in a godparent, make sure that it is very clear both in words to the person and also formally in a will.

Next, you will need to consider your faith. Some want a godparent who will be able to lead the child in the faith, and thus you would look for someone who is willing and able to do that. In that case, you would want someone who shares your faith, obviously. Even if they are not to lead your child spiritually, most parents do choose people of their own faith as godparents.

Next, you might want to think whether there is someone to whom you want to bestow this honor. It can be very difficult when you may have many people to whom you feel very close, and you cannot choose them all. You can also think about whether anyone has made you a godparent or who might expect it. Think about whether any particular choice would cause conflict and strife.

Also, try to pick someone who is a constant presence in your life. You do not want to pick your new best friend from work to whom you feel very close but have only known for a short time. He or she might move on the next year and you may never see him or her. For that reason, many choose family or lifelong friends instead.

Before you formally announce your choice, you should talk to the person and ask if they would like to do it. Most will be honored but not everyone will want it, so check with them first. Also, make sure that you have a deep discussion with your spouse so that you both agree. You do not want to cause conflict within your own family. If you need to, make a list and then use that to narrow your choice down. With time and effort, you can find the right godparents.