Safety Precautions when Buying Jewelry for a Child

You may love the look of your little child with jewelry, however many pieces can actually be dangerous. It is important to take the proper precautions to protect your child.

Look at the recommended age

Many pieces of jewelry are small enough to be considered choking hazards. These are generally not recommended for children under three because of the risk that the child will put the piece into his or her mouth and suffocate. Of course, if your child puts things in his or her mouth, then keep such jewelry away from him or her, no matter what the age. If the jewelry comes in packaging, check the recommended age.

Even if the piece as a whole isn’t small, the child might be able to break it to make it small. For instance, do not get a beaded bracelet for a toddler who could bite through and end up with a mouthful of beads. Also, many of these materials are not good for the child to put in their mouths, so even if you know he or she won’t choke on it, just putting it in the mouth can be a problem.

Be careful with jewelry with crystals

You might love the look of crystals; however, this can be a real problem if it contains real lead. You should not buy a baby bracelet that is made with crystals, for instance. Little kids love to chew on things, and if they accidentally ingest it, then it can be a problem.

Be wary of cadmium and other hazardous chemicals

U.S. News and World Report reports that the hazardous chemical cadmium has shown up in many pieces of inexpensive children’s jewelry. Many of these are imported from China, as are many of the pieces of jewelry sold for children. This chemical can be carcinogenic and cause problems with the kidneys. Even when standards change and new products don’t have chemicals, you need to be wary of older pieces of jewelry.

There is also concern with lead. The federal government put a ban on toxic lead for children’s jewelry, however many older pieces might still contain it. These might still be on store shelves. If you are not sure, then do not let your child use it. Also, some of these chemicals can harm a child from just wearing it.

Buy jewelry for children only when it is recommended. Look closely at the packaging and look for more natural items that do not contain chemicals. Because the standards differ for children’s jewelry, do not just give your child costume jewelry made for adults. By taking the right precautions, you will safeguard your child.