Risky Behavior in Children Gangs Proper Parenting Tips doing the best you can for your Child

One thing that parents always fear is the fact that their children may get mixed up with the wrong group of friends.  As a parent, it is your duty to do the best you can for your child and hope he/she turns out the right way.

Unfortunately, things do not always work out the way parents want them to.  For a variety of reasons, children may sometimes get mixed up with the wrong group of peers.  And this can lead to serious complications.

It gets even worse if your child is involved with a gang.  As we all know, most gangs are simply up to no good.  So, if your child is involved in a gang, there are some tell-tale signs that will give you an indication of this.

1) A change in friends:

As a parent, it is your business to know and approve of the friends your children keep.  If you notice that your child has suddenly dropped most of his old friends and now has an entirely new group of friends, this is a bad sign.  You need to find out the reason for this drastic change.  It may well that the new friends are members of a gang your child has joined.

2) Bruises and injuries:

Gangs get into fights and with fights come bruises and injuries.  So if you notice that your child has frequent and unexplained injuries, this may well be a sign that he is involved with a gang.

3) Secretiveness:

Check this out.  You have a child who used to be open with you and confides in you.  Suddenly, the child becomes very secretive and hides a lot of things from you.  This is a bad sign.  Investigate further and you just might discover that your child is involved with a gang.

4) Loss of Money:

If you notice that your child suddenly has a habit of losing his/her money, it is a bad sign.  It is an even worse sign if you begin to lose some of your own money and you finger the child as the prime suspect.  The question is – what is the child spending the money on?  Your child may be spending the cash to impress gang members.  The gang may have some expensive activities to carry out.  So, members might have to pay some kind of levy to raise the cash.

5) Late Hours:

As a responsible parent, you have a specific time when your kids are supposed to be home. Now, if your child suddenly begins to go out late at night or come back home at very odd hours, you have to worry.  Chances are: he/she is keeping appointments with gang members.

If you notice any of the signs above, do not take anything for granted. Investigate further and ensure that your precious child does not get mixed up with a gang. It is the very least you can do as responsible and dutiful parent.