Risks of Drinking during Pregnancy

The choices you make during pregnancy can often have effects on your unborn child. Your choices in diet, exercise, sleep, the medications you take and drinking can all effect your unborn child. Drinking during pregnancy carries some of the most serious side effects and risks for an unborn child. Here are some of the risks associated with drinking during pregnancy.

First, some mothers may have a miscarriage due to the drinking of alcohol during a pregnancy. The infant of a mother who drank during the pregnancy may be stillborn. For the babies affected who are actually born alive, many experience low birth weight. (SIDS), also known as sudden infant death syndrome may often occur where the child may die during its sleep for no known reason during the first year of life.

Risks for infants who are affected by the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy include but are not limited to developmental learning problems and hyperactivity. Some of the development learning problems can affect their ability to learn, speak correctly, or to learn language at all. Some children may also have short attention spans, which affects their learning process.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, also known as (FAS) is a syndrome related directly to the consumption of alcohol during the pregnancy. The children with FAS can experience one or many anatomical defects such as small heads, brains, hearts, hearts, hands, spines or any other body parts. Sometimes they may experience defects greater than just an issue in the size of body parts or organs. For example, some children have been born with holes in their harts or their heart was upside down or not fully developed.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, also known as (FASD), is another risk brought on by the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy, FASD affects the central nervous system and can also cause a wide array of problems. Problems that may arise from FASD include hearing and vision problems. Mental retardation may also be contributed to by drinking alcohol during the pregnancy. Children may even experience behavioral problems. Not all signs of alcohol related defects or syndromes caused by drinking alcohol show themselves immediately. Some effects may take years to show up such as the behavioral problems or problems with attention span learning, vision and hearing.

While medical experts have learned much over the years about the effects of drinking during pregnancy, there is even more that hasn’t been learned. When you take the seriousness of what the medical community knows already, it leaves room for concerns over what is still unknown. Considering the risks involved, it is best to play it safe and not to drink at all during a pregnancy or if you are trying to get pregnant.