Rewards Suitable for Children who do their Chores

As a parent there are many lessons that you must teach, model and reinforce for your children.  This character and behavioral training is something that the parent has to involve him or herself with on a daily basis for at least 18 years.  This being the case, it is no wonder that parents are overjoyed with the prospect of being able to reward their children due to obvious lessons learned and acted upon by their children. 

What are some ways to show your appreciation when you are in the position of wanting to reward your child for completing his or her chores or for completely another task on time and in order? 

Here are some ideas on how children might best be rewarded:

Think about your child’s favorite activities, his (or her) desires, and any other hint into the things that would show him just how grateful and proud you are for their diligence and hard work.  If your child is old enough to handle it, you might want to pay your child a bonus allowance or if they are not normally paid at all, consider a cash reward. 

Other great options that will warm your child’s heart might be a trip to the ice cream parlor with the permission to order the biggest sundae available with all of the trimmings, or if you know of a specific item your child has been saving for or desiring you could surprise him with that. 

Children love to know that their parents are listening to their hearts and really hearing the stories they share; if you can think of something your child has shared with you that might tie into a gift or reward do that.  For instance, if your daughter shares with you that she thinks it is so cool when fathers have ‘dates’ with their daughters and take them out for dinner or shopping, then perhaps you or your spouse could arrange for that type of evening with her one day soon. 

Quite often with children the issue of whether or not a gift is expensive or exotic or not is not important. Many times a simple word of encouragement may be just the reward they are seeking for their work.  Why not announce the good deed after dinner and present your son or daughter with a frame-able certificate that declares that he (or she) is a outstanding worker who finishes his (or her) chores. 

These types of rewards are especially effective for young people in grade levels from pre-school to the intermediate level.